The Top Ten Worst Video Game Movies

Video game movies are always in demand by fans, but they are difficult to create because of the unique settings and characters. These ten video game movies are considered the worst of all time. The movies have flat characters, don’t stick to the storylines of the games, have ridiculously campy scenes, and have terrible, unrealistic costumes, even by gaming standards. Some of these movies struggle to create a story that was never there; others destroy an easy-to-make film with poor acting, poor scenery, and ridiculous changes to the characters.

“DOA: Dead or Alive”

Released in 2006, “DOA: Dead or Alive” was a movie that had high expectations surrounding it. The video game offers beach scenes, women fighting in skimpy gear, and acrobatics that push the human form. It’s an exciting game to play, so audience members thought it would be an exhilarating film. Unfortunately, the movie focused on revealing outfits and random scenes that didn’t seem to have a reason for being in the movie at all.

“Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”

In 2010, a popular video game, “Prince of Persia,” was converted into a film. The video game has a character who manipulates time to get what he wants, but the movie doesn’t stand up to the task. A British actor plays the Persian character, which was a major fault that fans did not appreciate. The movie is harder to follow than it should be, and the campy lines and somewhat www flat humor make it even worse.


“BloodRayne” could have been a great film, especially with the vampire-based theme and sci-fi abilities of the characters. However, the 2005 film is campy and unconvincing to audiences, which is amazing considering that the 2000s produced so many popular vampire movies. The only saving grace of this film is that actress Kristanna Loken actually suits, and looks, the part.


Released in 2005, “Doom” failed to convert the game into an onscreen masterpiece. The game revolves around a violent war with demons, huge weapons, and lots of action. The movie doesn’t do quite as well, since it doesn’t stick to the storyline of the game, confusing the audience. The movie is hard to follow, and even the addition of The Rock doesn’t help.

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